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I only got one scarf to download. Nothing else would work. I looked for a "Contact Me" option, but couldn't find one. Not really impressed. Not much to choose from. Don't care for the other things advertised on the site. Sorry!! ;-(

Who says knitters are boring?

Sense of style and sense of humor as well as informative and inspirational as well. Heck yeah, they get a 5!!!

Well thought out

I have only attempted to knit but can already tell that his app is going to help me with the class like instructions. I enjoyed the dreamscapes also. The layout is very cool and current! From one crafter(seamstress) to another Kudos:)

Good app

Good app just can not open free patterns.

Minimal offerings

I wish this app offered the ability to upload your own designs or track progress on the available patterns. I am uninstalling because it seems silly to have an app that only allows me to view a handful of patterns.

love this app!!!

well thought out and easy to navigate!! love it, LoVe It, LOVE IT!!!!!!

Nice app

Nice way to show people your patterns. I'd like to see a picture of the patterns before I click the download button.

A winner!

I have a few other knitting apps, but this is one of the best. The free patterns are really nice, the Amanda Hat video tutorial is well done. Great links. Can’t wait for the release of WonderLace.

Great app!!

This app is very accessible and well designed. I can tell a lot of love an hard work went into its creation. The free patterns that are included in the app are great! One has been in my Ravelry queue and it will be nice to access the pattern on the go! The pictures are so lovely too! This is a wonderful app for knitters!!

Lovely app

What a professional, friendly, charming app. I love having all my Sleepy Eyes connections in one place. Free patterns! The knitting gauge guide is great. The photography for Dreamscape is stunning. I cannot wait for Wonderlace...particularly the Beauty Shawl. My only complaint...which is more of a request: more podcasts, please!

QTWIQ loves it

Saw it on rav and it is fun and love that it links to your blog. Clear and easy to use. :)

Useful App!

It's a great app which acts as a portal! With free patterns, this is a must download. :)

Love it!

Very nice app. I love that you put the yarn gauges in there so if I'm out at a yarn store, it's easy to find. The patterns are great and I love that I can download them right to my phone!

Love this app!

Thanks for this beautiful app! Easy to use, links to everything we need, lovely patterns. I'm passing it on!

Finally in PDF

Really like the fact that all your free patterns are listed and easy to read. Also likes the fact that your books are going to be available in PDF form.

Awesome pattern resource

All the designs are great and wonderful to have my favorite indie designer's patterns on the go. Great job!


I love your app! Inspiration on the go! My favorite part besides the free patterns is the ability to link back to your site. Great work and user friendly.

Great App

Way to go Gina - app is great - I love that you've created this fun and easy to use app. Love the free patterns section - thanks for creating such a cool app!!!

I'm Loving This App!

The free patterns are awesome. And what a bonus to be able to download the upcoming book! All the best of Sleepyeyes in one place. I can even go back and listen to the old podcasts.

Great App for the Knitter

Love all the free patterns on this app and the ability to purchase more through the app. Lots of links and information that is valuable to the knitter. Beautiful and very useful app! LOVE IT!


I must say, as someone that has a lot of these patterns queued, it's really nice to have them easily accessible and all in one place. It'll make purchasing yarn much easier!

So Cute!!

Cute app! Even better is that it had useful info, great links, and free patterns!


Very cute app. Love the layout. Being able to download patterns is nice, plus free patterns too!!

Review of App

Great app Gina! Love that patterns are downloadable from the app. Love all the links. Glad I downloaded it. Good luck with the new book!

Love Sleepy Eyes designs

Gorgeous app with lots of beautiful free patterns! Nice design too.

Awesome App

Gina, you are an amazing designer!!! Love the app, lots of great uses!!!

Wonderful App!

Easy, user friendly, visually pleasing, and my dog loves your voice! Can't wait for more additions!

Great App for the knitter

Lots of handy information as well as lots of beautiful patterns. Easy to use interface. Highly recommended.

Fabulous App! Multi-Use!

Easy to navigate! Dreamscape book is fabulous! App has yarn gauge chart! Also Links and other such as her Blog..Twitter..Facebook! I love it! Her free patterns are just wonderful! She does Yoga ~a benefit too! Go for it!!! Can't go wrong! Yay!!!!!

Love it!

I love that we will be able to download the books through iTunes so I can have it in my iPhone. (tho if course I will be buying the hardcopy to!). Love, love, love that you posted all your free patterns too. You and Ian did a fantastic job!

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